The Story of Aaron Swartz

After watching the documentary some quotes that really stood out to me were the following: “Growing up, I slowly had this process of realizing that all the things around that people had told me would always be. They weren’t natural at all, there were things that could be changed and there were things that were more importantly wrong and should change and once I realized that, there was no going back”, “You cant let anyone author the encyclopedia”, “The collision between this antique copyright system and this amazing new thing we were trying to build [The Internet and The Web], these things collided  and what we got was chaos”, and lastly “Information is power”. The reason these quotes stood out to me was because they comment and reflect the social change of the internet and show how the internet can constantly be manipulated and changed but there are forces that will try at all cost to prevent your freedom on the web.


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  1. Some very good quotes. I love the encyclopedia quote as it reads to me like an invocation to draft your own path to discover how things work and what they mean. And if one believes that this is possible to do, even if the path is a long one, well that’s pretty great piece of advice.

    And as far as powers, there was a nice bit of good news with the FCC voting in favor of regulations in support of net neutrality. Who knew that four million letters from regular people could actually make a difference? Oh I bet Aaron would have known.

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