Spring Fashion Looks (non-expert opinion)

Part One: Coats/Jackets

My opinions on some fashion do’s and dont’s that you should keep in mind for this upcoming spring. Keep in mind i am no expert but i do know a little something about fashion (check out my instagram @king.mannequin for my fake credentials lol) Leave feedback on this post, start a conversation.


I think varsity jackets and trech coat are the biggest things that should be in your wardrobe this spring. A varsity jacket is not only warm but always stylish. They have so many variations now that you might be able to find one with a letter on it,example if your name is Johnny Beautiful, an J or B varsity jacket might mean the world to you. The trench coat is good for the rainy spring days and are good for adding a lilttle bit of class to a not so classy outfit. The trench coat can also bring your business casual up to a whole new level.

SURPRISE! Leather jackets are still in, and in my opinion and are not going anywhere. I personally own about four or five of them and they are warm enough to wear in the winter, why do you think motercycle riders wear them? A classic black one can go with anything you want to wear remember Black goes with anything but try not to get that dingy black or if the dingy black is cheaper you can get that and then get some black clothing die (a little secreat i learned).

***On a side not buying black die is always a good idea because black fades after you wash it so instead of throwing it away you can just make is darker again.***

As soon as i became introduced to the online shopping world i was hooked. First website i am going to introduce you to is AMAZON. Amazon is life for me it has maybe 99% of everything i ever looked for, it is way faster then going to a store trust me. There are also a student discount account that you can set up to get free shipping. Here is a link to varsity jackets http://amzn.to/1DkGMrQ and here is a link to some leather jackets http://amzn.to/1ErSBOG but dont be scared of the prices because if you shop around for long enough you will find something really cheap and just want you want.

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  1. I enjoyed your post very much class is needed in every outfit and leather jackets brings that rebellious look without looking like a mess.

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