GIFS are already one of my favorite things….

…but learning how to make one myself is even better! Turns out there’s a little magical site called Imgur and we can choose videos from sites like Youtube to create these animated gifs.

Sometimes GIFS are more accurate in expressing how we feel, especially the past month, towards the WORST WINTER EVER. I saw this commercial on TV about how everyone has a winter breaking point.

This is me in a nutshell ever since I got back from the Philippines during winter break, in the cold, gloomy, wintry, and brutally frozen New York…

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The poor snowman, it’s really not his fault.




11 thoughts on “GIFS are already one of my favorite things….”

  1. lol this si literally me every morning. Feels like the longest winter ever. We should of listened to Al Gore when he warned us about Global Warming. No hairspray is worth the trials and tribulations of this snow.

  2. LOL Love this gif this snow is working on my last nerve. Snow followed by the sun melting it to a nice little puddles around then it just ice’s over and then we are all slipping and sliding around I officially HATE WINTER sorry Mr. Frosty the Snowman

    1. Or when you think it’s black ice but once you step on it, it’s a deep huge slush of dirty snow that almost go up to your knees and your favorite boots get ruined… -__-

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