Decisions Decisions!

After browsing through many project ideas on the Ds106 assignment bank, I chose two assignment ideas that stood out to me the most. The first assignment I chose was the A Capella with yourself, in the audio category. This project requires you to record at least 3 different tracks of you singing you favorite song, making it sound like you’re singing with other people. I picked this one because it greatly relates to my forte which is audio/music production. Aside from making beats and producing songs, I do like to sing occasionally as well. I have recorded my own acapella songs before which was lots of fun to do. Therefore, I would love an opportunity to make another one but this time going full throttle with my vocals and actually singing lyrics. I think doing this project will further showcase the skills that I have with editing and give me more confidence in singing as well. The second assignment I chose is the Home Video Gif project. I chose this project because for a while I have seen so many hilarious gifs on the internet and wondered how they were being made. Since I am a computer savvy type of person, I would like to learn to make a gif and make people laugh with them. Being that gifs are highly popular in social media, learning how to make one would definitely benefit me when it comes to online communication. There were so many good ideas to choose from and I think that these type projects should be assigned weekly. Not only are these ideas interesting and entertaining, they can also help us students learn and improve our skills in digital communication when it comes to this big internet world. I must I don’t think I have ever been more excited about doing a school related project….EVER. Super pumped!

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