I enjoy looking through the DS 106 assignments and tumblr.  You get a chance to see some really creatives ideas that you are interested on learning.  This semester I expect to learn a lot digitally. One of the assignments I ran across was using photoshop, to give the effect of being somewhere that you’re not.  Even using it to portray you’re something that you’re not.  This may be simple to some, but it’s quiet challenging to me because I’m not a photoshop expert.

The assignment How I See You allows you to portray the way you see someone in glasses, blurring out the real them.  This reminds me of the latest craze:

Everyone seems to be adding filters and photoshopping their pictures before they post their selfies on social media. It’s now to the point where people verify whether the photo was taken that way or edited.

This assignment will help show that people add filters to their photo to look one way, but when you see them your first reaction is:

Is that you girl?


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