One thing about me is I enjoy knowing what’s the latest in entertainment news. Everyday I go on all of the top websites, looking at what’s new and the world’s reactions to the many incidents that happened.  An assignment that caught my attention was Celebrity Radio Interviews. It allows you to have fun, pretending to interview a celebrity and using one of their audio clips from another interview as if they are responding to your personal interview.  Adding gifs and memes to their response makes it more interesting.  In order to do this, I need to work on creating great audio pieces, cutting clips to create sound bites, and learning how to make my own gifs.

Jenelle: Tamar, how did you feel about what Kanye West did to Beck at the 2015 Grammy Awards?


Tamar Braxton on her talk show The Real


Jenelle: So President, what’s your reaction to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen getting frisky at “the Obama thing?”

Obama: GO JOHN!



Author: taylor29

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