CT 101 sounds fun !

In the third question of the Syllabus work in progress, it asks us about the kinds of things we can do to illustrate our understanding of a variety of digital tools used to create work and tell stories, and if we could be better at using any digital tool which one would we use? What would we make with it?

Since living in NYC and working in a restaurant in Manhattan, I’ve grown to appreciate the different types of cuisines the city has to offer. Because New York City, and especially Queens, is so diverse, I can honestly say I’ve become quite the “foodie”. The idea of documenting every food that stands out to me has been circulating in my head. However I want to learn unique ways on how I can record it in a more creative and interactive way rather than just posting a traditional blog post where you see the picture of the food and the description below it and that’s it. I’m looking forward to learning more about this class and exploring new ways where I can express my creativity. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply all of it when I start to create my own personal blog, and hopefully my foodie blog as well.

Basically, I’m super excited 😀


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