The first project idea I have is listed under the category of Design Assignment and it is called Barcode Transformation.  This assignment is using a simple bar code to create any shape, form, and object.

The second project idea I have is listed under Mash up Assignment and it is called This Doesn’t Belong Here. This assignment consist of using two different movie scenes from two different movies. The point of this assignment is to portray the scenes to be difficult to perceive and understand. This work requires you to add props or characters that don’t belong in that specific scene from the movie.

I choose these two specific assignments because it stood out to me and caught and attention. I think these two assignments are really cool, fun, and creative. I am really excited to get started on these assignments so I can learn how to create cool art work.I think I will need to learn about the program that I will be using to develop these pieces. I think eight to ten of these assignments is a fair amount of projects that we should be required to do this semester. Eight to ten assignments is reasonable to me  because it will take a little time to understand and comprehend the program that we will be using. We also way to put a lot of thought and creativity into these assignments so in the end we can enjoy our pieces of work . These skills are very important to learn because we will be doing projects and assignments with the information we have learned. Once we understand and grasp these skills we can use it to our benefit to earn great grades in this class. Learning these skills can be beneficial to us because some of us way want to pursue this field in the future and  these skills will come into great use !

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