First Week as a CT Major

“Creating a digital identity can expose/reveal you and your work to online viewers. A digital identity is the way a person portrays themselves online. Digital Identity crafting is often noticeable on many types of social media like Twitter and Facebook. In my opinion, people usually use social media to create their own digital identity, because it is one of the fastest ways to meet others and show your work/talent. I would do the same to showcase a digital identity. Additionally, I would create a website and also try to create posters to handout”

I know that this course will primarily teach me not only how to use technology for my career but it will also teach me how to connect with people outside of my area. This path comes in handy with any career you may do later in life. By creating a trusted digital identity on social media, one can gain the platform to build themselves as a brand and profit!




  1. There’s a great quote from a favorite internet culture writer I like named Cory Doctorow which speaks to this idea I think. I’m paraphrasing but it goes something like this, “The internet is an audience machine. So suddenly it’s possible for anyone to become ‘famous.’ Or at least well know to particular audiences. And you need to put yourself out there to become known. But just because you’re known doesn’t mean you’ll make money.”

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CT101 Digital Storytelling