Blast from the Past

As I sat down in class, I let my mind soar, trying to think of a way to illustrate exactly what is digital storytelling.  After about 5 minutes, one of the perfect examples came to my mind.  Homemade videos ! Duhhh ! Can’t we all remember a time we either watched videos or looked at several pictures from many years ago.  Your first response is usually…


Seriously mom ? What were you thinking ? Did you have to do my hair like that or dress me in that horrendous outfit ?

One of the greatest advantages of the media is that we are able to share stories or opinions worldwide digitally.  Not only can we share them, but we can view others pieces as well.  Digital storytelling can be found in magazines, museums, art galleries, ads/posters, homemade videos, youtube, and of course the many social networking sites used on a daily basis by many today.

Author: taylor29

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3 thoughts on “Blast from the Past”

  1. It is truly amazing that internet allows to not only find basically anything we’re looking for (what is not on Youtube these days from the past), but it also allows for instant publishing. So what will you put up there? What do you want to be your contributions?

  2. I sat in class dumbfounded trying to figure out this digital storytelling thing…when it hit me…every time we touch one of our digital devices, we are telling our story, We did it in the past with those heavy video cameras…and at present with our handheld digital writing tools. Yeah…what a blast!

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