I Could Get Used to This!

Thoughts: December 10th- January 28th (Pretty much the whole break) “Why am I signing up for these classes? I don’t even like my Journalism major anymore, why am I still following Pathways’ requirements? Was I not just planning on switching my major and potentially colleges?”

Next Day: January 29th, 2015 (First CT class) “I think I actually like this class, there’s a short and sweet syllabus that can be interpreted in PLENTY of ways, small class, animated professor, and no one breathing down my neck behind me because we aren’t cramped in rows like misbehaved children (just a bit claustrophobic). I feel as though this class is going to be very beneficial to me because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a blog and learn all this cool editing stuff, now in order ‘to show our understanding of the tools that we will learn, we could try them out by utilizing the skill and applying them to a given assignment’ and whatever we want to outside of this class.” I realize that I have been digitally telling stories for a long time from facebook/ instagram posts to trying out the YouTube scene, to vlogging, I just never classified it as anything beyond what it was. Social Media. Time to give this class a fighting chance!

 I could get used to this!!

4 thoughts on “I Could Get Used to This!”

  1. I am like a sponge…I am an educator on sabbatical and I needed to get more involved in the computer tech area to better serve my students, so am ALL IN! I am part of the evolution of the change in narrative views and it’s incredible!

  2. Great post! It actually made me chuckle a little because of the gifs and because I was thinking the same thing I also feel like this class will be beneficial to me as well.

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