Thumbs up with Nina

My semester will be interesting with ct101 since this is my first media class. I like to be creative, so I will have to think of what types of gifs I can come up with every time. This class will be full of surprises. This class will come in handy for my occupation.

“The First Learning objective is all about understanding the background information of why digital storytelling exists. I believe that Digital story has to do with pictures, social media, and words. On another note, I like to take pictures of food, fashion, makeup, medical stuff, and people to create a story. I like to make a collage, edit pictures, and I also like to make a title of each. I think pictures are worth a thousand words, so I am excited to learn digital storytelling. I myself use instagram, photodirector, perfect365, and picsart to filter my pictures. ”

Nina dobrev from Vampire diaries is excited. She can’t wait.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling