The Adventures of DiskoJesus

Some digital storytelling of mine are on my Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. Other social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat aren’t fully utilized in my story because the interaction isnt quite as responsive as my other social networks”. I feel as if the content I post easily upsets the internet and its actually really funny. The reason my Tumblr and Twitter stories are more successful and somewhat controversial is because i have thousands of “followers” on them so I get many different responses(usually unfollows).  Whenever the trolls of the internet write mean responses to any of my post i be like:

But on a serious note, I would like to learn how to build a good digital storytelling and broaden my knowledge of social media.


Author: jerrythemiah

Junior in college. NYC. 22. Studio Art and Journalism Major.Puerto Rican

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  1. Controversy is the best. I look at it as ” regardless of what everyone has their own opinion.” It’s great to see people agree to disagree and see how others view certain topics.

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