not a care in the world


Self expression is freedom at its best. 


I came accross a powerful quote in the google doc, “We create and tell stories based upon our curiosity for truths, knowledge and to share what we may know.” This is a powerful quote especially on how is reltes to this class. Throught this course i believe we will develpo the skills to take our expressive talents to the next level. This safe place is a new start for most people and it is fun. The quote is saying that through our own personal experiences we find ourselves. I chose this quote in particular because it just really registired with me. Sharing parts of ourselves is a an amizing. This relates to the most important thing about the class to me. I want to know and retain as much as i can about technology. I want to explore the web in new ways. I want to learn how to show my best through a screen. Most importantly i want to express myself.

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