Expressing Yourself

“The first learning objective covers what exactly digital storytelling is and what it may mean to people. From what I am observing so far, digital storytelling can be used in many ways to communicate with people such as social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.). The internet has pretty much become the main source of communication, especially in this day and age. Therefore, it may be the best way of reeling people in to read someone’s story. Based off of what I know so far of digital storytelling, I believe that I have told digital stories through social media.”

I believe this quotes represents how I feel about this class and is something I can closely relate to. I tend to use a lot of social media on my spare time. I have never really sat back and thought about how I am using this social media apps for digital storytelling until now, but in todays society everyone does. I guess its a fun yet quick way of expressing yourself and communicating with others.




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