First day of Communications Technology CT 101 class.

It was absolutely scarey and confusing at the same time. I was so lost and I felt that I need my mom around LOL. The professor was kind of talking fast and using a very high academic words to explain what the class about.That turned me off and gave me that feeling of wishing that my mom be around for the first time.


How did it go? I always believing in myself all the way down, and I strongly believe that if people do something I absolutely can do it. So, I decided to work my brain harder than usual to catch up with the professor.  After working harder at first class, I can say it went great and I was be able to a create a website and be able to post my first blog as well that you are reading right now.


In general,

I found that the class is wonderful and exciting class. In addition, it gives me a chance to be thoughtful and be a creator by giving me a huge space to prove myself to the people outside.

Finally, safe so far..  fun so far… Good to go…


Note: Communications Technology is a major that will find at York College

Author: hamodee

Mohammed Safar from Saudi Arabia. Part of CT 101 crow. I hope I will make a great work through this experience. I wish the best for everybody and peace out!! Best,

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