Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

   Star Butterfly is now the greatest Disney princess . Forget Snow White, Ariel, or Belle. Star is the best Disney Princess in ages. Maybe the best princess in television history.

Star doing Magic

    Yes I said Television and not film. Star vs.The Forces of Evil is a Cartoon that is set to appear on Disney XD this March. But Disney did offer an early sneak peek at the first episode and boy does it not dissapoint. Disney once again shows that when it comes down to it their animation department can still give t out hits.

   The show is about the young princess, from the magical land of Mewni, who is given a magic wand for her fourteenth birthday. Unfortunately Star is a danger to those around her as she is not able to control her magic. Her parents then decide for her to stay on Earth to train and go to high school. She now lives in California with her new best friend Marco Diaz and his family. Together they will have to fend off monsters and keep the evil Lord Ludo away from the wand which could very well give him power over the entire universe. Things get a little weird for them as Star and Marco go through inter -dimensional hijinks on a daily basis.

    The best way to describe this show is if Sailor Moon was bored and decided to go to Disney World. This show is heavily anime influenced from the Magical Girl genre. This only adds to the charm of the show. The animation is nice and fluid, and the characters have the nicest facial expressions.

This show looks good and if the buzz of this stuff is any indication it will be one disney classic.

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