what im getting myself into

Someone wrote ” The first objective explains what we are going to get ourselves into”. This immediately stood out to me because judging by the amount of information that i took in within such a short period of time had my expression like……


4 thoughts on “what im getting myself into”

  1. Hey there whutson6 love the gif! I can relate to your post because I have never taken a class like this. I have always taken classes where I have to have a pen and a book and constantly writes notes. When I first came to this class last week I experienced the same feeling. At first I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle the first assignment too, but after completing the assignment I realized it was a simple task. I don’t think we have anything to be nervous about this class because it will be a fun and learning experience for us all!

  2. lol yesssss this is exactly what I was thinking the minute class started but the minute I found out I can create gif’s I got ecstatic so don’t worry we will get to create a lot of gif’s 🙂

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