Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to long distance relationships, it’s very important that you learn about each other before taking it to another level. Learn about one another’s background, where are they from, what are their past involvement with other partners before you, how do they treat their families, what are their beliefs and morals? And as you begin to learn about one another, you will soon learn personalities and interesting facts you never knew from the beginning. Also try to get a feeling of what he/she likes and dislikes so that when you are together, you won’t feel so different. Of course it will be much more difficult when it comes to spending quality time together, because the fact of the matter is, you’re miles away! Therefore, there are going to be days you will feel like giving up and if you have reached to a point in your relationship where you’ve made a mutual decision to be together long term, this will be the time you need to be there for each other the most.

Just like any local relationship, your long distance relationship starts off beautifully. The guy sees the girl, he is struck by her beauty and he wants to get to know her more… Girls, if a guy is taking his time to get to know you, he’s serious about you. However, it might be a bit risky to get into a relationship if the two of you NEVER had any history or previous contact (whether it be through a friend, family member, or personal meeting) it is very important to have some kind of previous connection with one other before getting serious. There’s been a lot of online dating where you meet online for the first time and all you do is chat, you never see the person beside the picture on their profile. So think smart!



Rather than going out for dinner or meeting up with each other’s friends and families, most of your time spent together will be over a computer and phone calls. It’s your decision to accept that challenge or move on to someone closer. So it all starts with a mutual decision to continue the relationship or not.



This leads to the following topic. Discuss future goals with one another to make certain that you are on the same page TOGETHER. First of all, what are your future goals? What do you expect to accomplish in this relationship? In your personal life? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from the initial state of your relationship together? What are your partners intentions with you and how do they plan to accomplish them? How long will it be before you two meet in person? Can you wait that length of time and remain faithful to one another? Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now, as a couple? Are there things he does or you do that is upsetting and you might consider changing?



Secure your heart. Build confidence and trust in each other. You will never trust someone 100% immediately, and it is okay to start of small. Trust is something earned and not given. You might question, “how do I trust him if he’s not even here?” Well, you must be honest with one another. Be open and give him the support he needs so that he feels loved and cared for. Help one another figure things out. Guys, if she’s going through a situation, don’t expect her to overcome them all by herself. Give her the comfort that she needs. And girls, It’s not a bad thing to share your most inner feelings with him, he will listen and a good listener is a good speaker. Also, lend him your ear to learn his hardships and give him the same amount of support he has given you. So whatever is on your mind and heart, don’t be afraid to express that.



Some people may discourage you to continue your relationship, but apart from all the negativity , there are also some great things to keep the relationship going. It’s not too much to tell that special person in your life that you love them, no matter how far or close they might be. Letting them know how you truly feel about them will touch their heart and it also gives them a reason to keep holding on. Even if things are not perfect, remember they don’t have to be. And neither do you. All that is needed is the love and support from both sides because, without the other the relationship becomes fatal. Here’s a great tip: Before your day begins, send a message or make a phone call to say, “I Love You.” In all of the chaos that happens during the course of your day, it’s a wonderful feeling to know and hear those words… it makes you feel special and it also gives you the encouragement you need.



If you’re not ready to express your feelings at that level quite yet, do not worry. Take your time getting to know each other and eventually, when the time is right, you will be ready.



Another important factor in long distance relationships, is to communicate with your partner. This is extremely important, whether you are dating locally or long distance. In fact, it is the key progression in your relationship. If the both of you have decided to continue the relationship, you need to communicate with one another on a daily bases. Update one another on your personal lives, even if you had a lousy or stressful day. In the course of communication, learn each other’s schedule. If you’re the late night worker and she’s the morning college student, update one another every now and then of what’s going on. The fact that you’re involved in each others lives at different times and places, shows how much you care and you are also interested in what they do. One of the fun things you and your partner can do to keep up with your days, send photos and call one another from time to time. If he’s out working late, give him a call to say “Good night, sweet dreams. I Love You” and if she’s sleeping in late, give her a call to say “Good morning beautiful. Have a wonderful day.”

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So you might want to consider downloading good apps that will allow you to see, speak and message each other. You want to be able to have a connection with one another and wouldn’t you want to enjoy hearing his voice and looking into his eyes? You also want to get a sense of feeling and emotions, to keep the relationship alive and less awkward. In this, you will also be keeping up with what’s going on in their life as well as sharing yours.


Entertain yourselves together. It might sound a bit out of the ordinary, because how does one entertain in separate places? Have you ever played a video game that involves players to communicate through a headset? Well, my brother recently got a PS4 and he plays a game called “Destiny.” Guys would know more about video games more than I do, but that game just like a many others, actually allows you to speak to another player on the other end. So by entertaining yourselves in your relationship, find some fun games that you’re both into. Sing songs together, even if he/she is a horrible singer. Its an expression of your affection for each other, they’ll understand. Send cute photos,videos or audio that your partner can always look back at. Read a book or if you share the same belief, read a chapter or two every night. Send each other songs that reminded you of him/her so they will know you are thinking of them. Make something special for each other and send it for them to cherish. Some guys might disagree to this one but, cook and eat together. It’s really fun to watch your partner cook while Skyping, sometimes its cute to set up a date night. Just for kicks! You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant and order with your partner online, when you can simply stay at home and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Even if it doesn’t come out perfect, you can always help each other out next time. If you’re a sucker for romance like me, poetry is a good source. Don’t worry if the words don’t rhyme, as long as your meaning is put out there. Create love stories together, maybe even fashion a fantasy of how differently things would have been if he/she were there.



Keep in mind that you are both in separate places, so it’s a great chance to share your time with close friends and family. Don’t neglect the one’s you love.



Remember, there’s no rush in relationships. Take it slow and you’ll see how amazing things will turn out.




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