Last minute concert

The best thing about last minute plans it’s that they turn out better than you thought they would be. So last week tuesday a friend of mine ended up convincing me to go to a concert with her. The concert was called slow your troll and learn your role, I don’t know why they named it that. Well either way this concert consisted of the co-headliners Upon a Burning Body and Veil of Maya with guests Volumes, Gideon and The Last Ten Seconds of Life(TLTSL). At first I wasn’t really into going to the concert cause I only listened to Two of the bands but t was worth it, the concert was pretty awesome. People went into mosh pits, crowd surfing and even stage diving, which by the way was the first time I tried it. The first two bands to go were Gideon and TLTSL, I’ve never of them before the concert but they were alright. Once Volumes came I got way more energetic, thats when everyone started to get more excited. Afterwards it was Upon a Burning Body which were amazing and Ice-T made a special appearance when they played their cover for “Turn Down”. The last one to play were Veil of Maya which was the first time I listened to them, They were great and managed to get everyone up of their feet with their performance. I added a video with clips of Volumes, Upon a Burning Body and Veil of Maya playing for people to check out their performance.

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