Happy New Years!

Happy New Years to all my amazing friends and Paul Blart! You guys are the wind beneath my wings! I would like to thank Robin for always being there for me, my day one! I would like to thank Imran for being an amazing friend and trusting me when I said Hannibal is a good show. I would also like to thank Mahir for his amazing friendship and the free games I get to play ;) I would like to thank Irfan for giving me tuberculosis, and my boy Sajid for being there for me and having our interests and hobbies align ;)

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By arreef

Hello my name is Rabiul Arreef, come visit my blog site for some fun! theghettocorp.com.................................. I also run an amazing Tumblr page come see for a few laughts! http://thekingofqueens.tumblr.com/

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