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My clip from PB

My clip from PB

Since I report for Pandora’s Box, the school paper. I got to report on the Escalators being down for “FOREVER!”‘ I had a great time interviewing out Student Body President, Shaikh Amin. He was really down to earth and concerned about the issues. I interviewed him and later wrote a story for PB.

I was so happy to hear he used my article to push our administrative board to make changes. Can you believe that our school was actually going to replace all the Escalators with Stairs rather than fix them?!?!?!

Well anyway, after he threw my article at administration, a week or so after they were back up. I’m not sure if it was my article or his persistence, but I feel good about it.

Here’s a photo of my clip from PB!

-By the way, I hope you guys read the paper :-).. If you don’t already, Start! It’s pretty good. I might be a little biased but im proud of it, we work hard. You have access to PB Online here.

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