Why Pre Ordering Games Are Bad

Back in the days around the turn of the century gaming wasnt as big as it is now. And there were shortage and scarcity of discs so when a really popular game came out Like GTA or Halo the best thing would have been to pre order the game. If not there was no guarantee you would get it in a long time because they would run out and you would have to wait for the next shipment. Now a days there are no shortage of disks and game can be brought digitally as well so why do people still pre order? And more importantly why do game company make consumers pre order by inciting them with bonus content? Because money actually has a time value, you see the earlier the money goes into the hands of the company the earlier they can invest with it, make capital, use its interests to make the most profit. Which isnt bad on its own but then there is a major downside to this. you see back in the days if a game wasnt good they would not sell and then flop. So companies had incentive to make good quality games. But nowadays with so many people preordering, games come out with major bugs and crashes and yes people do get mad but they already made their cash so they dont need to worry about quality that much.



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