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The new Star Wars trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago, and it teased us with a few scenes of whats to come in the new Star Wars trilogy by the talented director JJ Abrams, now the Star Wars franchise is a mixed bag, when it first came out it was huge and created one of the very first fandom, people everywhere were talking about it, the amazing word Star wars created, the beautiful stories it wove. And the amazing villain who can forget Dearth Vader, that dominated the scenes with his presence, then the sequels came out and with each iteration it got worse and worse. No one asked for Darth Vaders back story yet they gave it to us, in a shallow forgetful sequels. It was amazing how such an amazing franchise that received so much praise and adulation can have so much hate and angry critics as well. So I hope this new Star Wars movie can remedy that and give us a fulfilling space adventure that can stand on its own as well.
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