Me going into this like 'I got this'
Me going into this like ‘I got this’

I’m pleased that the CT 399 class was able to take the time out to give us advice on my class. That’s something that I really needed to hear. I’m happy that all the students kept their websites going after the CT class. That is something that I definetely plan to do.

One thing that is mentioned that I feel is very important is taking responsibility of your work that it published on the site. Everything that I have posted are topics I feel strongly about or blog posts that were sent to me that I received PERMISSION to post. As long as I have received permission to post someone else’s work, I am taking responsibility for it.

One thing I haven’t done yet is posting my constructed experiments. I used the green room one time for the ‘Inspirational Person Lesson,’ but I did not add it to my site. It is not that I am not pleased with it. I just want to find the perfect way to add it to my site (page, post, etc).


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