My Top 5 NBA Games

#5: NBA 2k9, this was where NBA basketball games build from becoming more realistic. Hands down the best 2k soundtrack.


#4: NBA Live 07, I had so much fun with this game. From making your own team, creating your own players, and increasing your favorite players overall. And to top it all off the legendary T-Mac on the cover.


#3: NBA Street Vol 2, anything goes in this game. It was like every player was unstoppable. What made it even more fun was how unrealistic it was.


#2: NBA Live 06, I loved this game mainly because Dwyane Wade is my favorite player. This was probably my most played sports game of all times.


#1: NBA 2k11, was personally my best 2k ever. The longest 2k I’ve played since the 2k my player era. I achieved a lot with my player in 2k11. And of course the greatest of all time Michael Jordan was on the cover.





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