My laptop stand 3D

When my project was revised I was shown that there was a number of flaws. The main problem was measurements.  and the actual use of materials, and the wait factor of the actual laptop. There was  the support columns  that were too heavy. The actual beams that should hold up the laptop was also angled incorrectly.

Daniel also made a suggestion that stuck with me. H e told me  that i should look at adjustable stands. This inspired me to research these and eventually, after some time came up with an idea to invent an L bracket.    This further led me to make wedges to lpock the laptop support arms in place.

The model is almost finished I mainly need to fix the dimensions . Make holes for screws, and put on some last minute decals. I would am excited to see how this turns out. Below are links and pics of the project:


CT101 Digital Storytelling