My Big Event 2015

I’m planning to put together an event in 2015. Long story short I’m building this event to promote networking and brand building because I really want to get into Public Relations.

I plan on having up and coming vocalists, rappers entertainers, designers and models showcase there talents and have a small after party.

I’m working on getting reps from Vibe Magazine and the Source there and maybe a few bloggers and radio representatives there as well.

I’m currently looking for the talents and the venue as of right now. So Im in the early stages of planning everything. So far I have two artists on board… Paige the rapper and Fitz the legend if you’ve heard of them. I’m still waiting for the response from the others and considering other talents. My goal is to get 5-6 artists.
So your probably wondering what that has to do with you. I’ve noticed what you and your Dj have done with Trauma Radio. I’ve been listening weekly and I like it a lot.

I was wondering if once I have all the up and coming talents (all 5-6) If I can set up interviews at your station with them where they can talk about their music, their up and coming performances at the event, and give you guys their music.

I think it would be a great opportunity to spread the music and expand. I’m excited for everything to come.

Wish me luck on my journey!

So far i’ve looked at The Galapagos Art space.. It’s beautiful but it is too expensive so i’m still looking:

Here is a pic I took of the Galapagos when i went venue hunting!



By Sincerely_Mel

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