Mastermind – Rick Ross album review

- I got to meet him at my job and I was able to give him the article I wrote!

– I got to meet him at my job and I was able to give him the article I wrote!

The Mastermind
By Valerie Carmel Victor

“Now here are some interesting facts about the mastermind which give you an idea of how important it is and how necessary that you embrace this principal and make use of it in attaining success in your chosen occupation.”– Napoleon Hill, Intro (Mastermind- Track 1). Although Rick Ross may appear to be the average rapper, he is in fact a “mastermind.” After the release of his latest album Mastermind, the rapper has definitely allowed his creativity and intellectual perspectives to take the stage. Throughout the album you’ll find underlying connotations much like the one previously quoted. What exactly does it take to be a mastermind? Ross seems to suggest and explain just what a mastermind is and what exactly it takes to be a mastermind throughout the Album.
Once you take a closer look and really listen, this album in itself is something we’ve hardly experienced before. It’s one of the few times we see the Rap/Hip-hop culture driving in the message of how to be more, and why we should desire to be more. “I’m trying to push you to supreme being…You don’t want to embrace your destiny, you wanna get by… What defines you…” – Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nobody (Mastermind- Track 5). From quoting the words of Napoleon Hill and Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ross makes it very clear that we have to understand things in an entirely different realm. Mentally we have to view things in a different light to encompass the characteristics of a true mastermind. All nineteen tracks including the skits leave you with a little something to think about, something for the mastermind to master, a message.
Of course, Ross creatively expresses his mastermind qualities to us through his personal experiences expressed in his music. Whether he referred to being a mogul, a hustler, young and ambitious, dreaming, having vision, embracing a destiny, avoiding or getting money, Rick Ross paints the picture using his microphone. Can you see it? Naturally so, in painting this picture to the public he gets the creative touch from a few others in the industry. The album has features and work from various artists and producers such as Big Sean, French Montana, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Movado, The Weeknd, DJ Mustard, Mike Will Made It, Scott Storch, and DJ Khaled among many other “heavy hitters.”
After just one week of sales, Mastermind officially moved 184,726 copies making the album officially outperform its projected sales by almost 25,000 copies. Surpassing Pharell’s latest album, Rick Ross’s Mastermind is currently the number “One” album on the Billboard 200 list. The album still remains at the number one spot after two weeks of sales. Tracks such as Nobody, What a Shame, Thug Cry, Mafia Music III, and In Vein are pretty popular tracks off the album. The singles Nobody and The Devil is a Lie are being played throughout the tri-state area on the radio. This album is definitely one worth listening to and if you haven’t gotten the album yet, what kind of mastermind are you? Mastermind, “It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in the lifetime if you depend entirely upon your own efforts for success”– Napoleon Hill, Intro (Mastermind- Track 1).






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