I’m officially an Old fart…


My 2 birthday dinner photos… Happy Birthdaay to me!


Buddakan night look

Buddakan night look


– the above photo was when I went to Don Coqui, the lights are purple in there hence the color of the picture.

My birthday is December 19th. I turned 24 a few days ago and boy do i feel old lol.

I truly enjoyed my birthday. I got to go

to two amazing restaurants:

Don Coqui Astoria

Buddakan Manhattan

The food was absolutely amazing! Don Coqui has Puerto Rican cuisine, while Buddakan  is Asian Fusion almost.

The first is rather loud and party like but the second is very upscale yet relaxed. I definately suggest you take a trip to both.

Oersoannly I loved Buddakan the best. As soon as you walk in theres somethingalmost like a replica of the Famous Chapel in Rome, it leads into a lound and then the rest are tables for dinning. The restaurant has dim lighting and candles throughout.

Definitely on my favorite list!

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