I cujo revisited

Group Name; Anonymous

Group Members; Yovani Revelo, and Sekou Thomas

Project Name; I-Franken Cujo

This project ended up being a lot harder than suspected for me. i was excited about the project though as I always have been for every other project we have had so far. We had both brought in toys the day we were supposed to bring them but none of them were right for the job.

I found I-fido after extensive digging, and Yova found this stuff dog we he said he thought would be a perfect size for the job. The problems started when, I decided to take the dog apart. We  were later advised from prof. Dan that we need not go through all that(jokes on me!)we were advised to keep most of the I-Fido intact. Anyway we moved forward. When I saw Yova’s dog the first thought came to mind was “he’s so cute”, the second thought was , I cannot wait to cut him open and so we did.  i think Yova was a little upset by this,( I guess he likes animals more than I do. )While the transplant began, Yova decided to keep the back legs of, This was a key moment in the build I don’t knew if he foresaw the back legs being an issue, but I certainly did not. Eventually we spent the time carefully re-constucting the I-fido to it’s original state.

After this what was supposed to be easy, became more difficult . The main problem that occured was trying to get the smaller robotic dog to fit into the bigger stuffed dog. While making sure we tested the electronics throughout to make sure all the functionality was still there.

We decided that the light system would show through the mouth, the front legs of the stuffed dog would be replaced by the I-fido’s legs, The body of the dog would be re-stuffed with the cotton from the stuffed dog, The next wall we hit though were the back legs, this was problem because they were too long, I thought to use the back legs from I-fido, and Yova found the solution he had some wheels ,and axel from a toy car, that was randomly in his car, Problem solved. After this we made a hole for the speaker.  I accidentally cut the wrong whole for the USB cable, then made the right hole. After extensive measuring, and novice sewing skills I-Fraken Cujo was born.





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CT101 Digital Storytelling