How to make a Death Competition Movie in a few Easy Steps

if you want to make a death competition movie I will give you some pointers, people seem to have a strange fascination watching a group of people kill each other in the silver screen. First you need your characters, they should all have strange names like Peetah, Katniss,Frankenstein, or glimmer because lets get serious no one wants to see someone named Bob get slashed to death. There are three types of people that need to be in your movie, first a ring leader there the person who calls the shot. number 2 the psycho, while everyone is trying to survive this is the guy that goes out of his way and tries to kill everyone off, you do not want to mess with him. and the third a helpless character someone the audience needs to feel sorry for. After you have that all you need to do is set up the game, the death battle can be in any location where you can force everyone to fight and kill each other. And the Competition can have rules, but make sure the ring leader dramatically changes them in the last few seconds for that extra flare. And your on your way to make a death competition movie.

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