Gaming Tips: Destiny

If you have the latest game from Bungie, Destiny, you know how hectic the firstperson shooter RPG is, here are a few tips to ease your gameplay and triggerfinger.

Destiny is all about loot: Even though Destiny is a fps it is a looting game first, and so the whole basis of you playing the game is to grind for the best gear drop and weapon drop. There are many ways to do this but here are the best, firstly always do the Nightfall missions. You can only do one mission per week and then have to wait for it to reset. Its always going to be a difficult mission but you will also always get a guaranteed legendary loot. But here is a tip to get around the system and beat the Nightfall three times a week before it resets for three times the loot! In destiny you have 3 option slots for three characters. Fill those slots up and make 2 new characters, yes you will have to do the story missions over again but only once. After that you can share all the armor and play the nightfall 3 times.

Always do weekly heroic mission: These reward you strange coins which you can go to the vendour Xur to exchange for the best weapon and armor int he game. Make sure to them them in the hardest difficulty setting of possible .

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Last: Always try to do the Raid if you can find 6 other people online> I kow it will be really hard to set up a raid but if you take the time and finish it you can get the STRONGEST weapon in the game.

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