Gaming Tips: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

If you are playing the popular game Call of Duty Advanced warfare and need a few pointers you have come to the right place. Here we will dissect the stats and tactics needed to win gun fights!

First is the gun- In Advanced warfare unlike previous installments assault rifles are the way to go. Smg’s have very low range so your damage drop off is very steep. The best Assault Rifle to use are the Bal which is a three shot kill upclose and drops off to 5 at a distance, and the HBR which is anotehr 3 shot kill weapon with a fire rate of 700RPM. The rest of the guns in the catigory have a starting rate of fourshot to kill and or low fire rate so try to avoid those.

On to the perks- Perks are very important in Call of Duty and using the ones that are the most situational will benefit you the most. For slot one it is best to use lieghtwieght because it give you a 7% increase in speed. The faster you can get to the enemy the better. For slot to the best perk to use is fast hands. The faster you reload the faster you can aim down sight. and lastly for slot three use reduced flinch. Because when you flinch you veer off target and the enemy is able to put shots on you faster.

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The last tip is gamemode- for those of you who want to rank up fastest and hit max prestige I recommend playing Hardpoint. Each time you hold down a hardpoint you get 100 extra reward on top of scorestreak kills and gun kills. Happy hunting!

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