For my final class post I am going to explain the plan for this short time off I am going to be working on some projects that I have assigned myself they are all works around the cartoon character MEGA MAN he was a character I always liked as a kid, and still do. The game plan is to recreate megaman using different mediums, I want to a portrait in pen and ink of thsi mega man;


I liked the level of detail that went into making a simple character seem more naturalistic. The next MEGA MAN is going to be used for some 3D modelling as I haven’t practised in while do to my school work;


The third MEGA MAN, I plan to use the sound track for the game and make some remixes, as well as with other games of the 8-bit era, I will use remixed (edited) version of this image for the final project;


The fourth and last mega man will be used to draw a bitmap image to make a sprite, this came to me working on the pong project, as I am trying to learn more about game programming;


This fifth MEGA MAN, shows how i am going to kill this project!

giphy-2 CLICK



CT101 Digital Storytelling