Everything Wrong With Godzilla

The new Godzilla movie that came out this year was amazing! Godzille kicked ass with kick ass! But i did fine a few issues with the movie, first and foremost the one thing everyone was complaining about was that the setup took so long, and its like a three hour movie so thats pretty long. We all came to see Godzilla in action but throughtout the whole movie all we get are teases of Godzilla, and just follow a rigid marine around going from one dangerous mission to the next instead of going home to this family and trying to get them to safety. (Its true he spends more screen time with a random child than his own kid). But the finale was amazing, when Godzilla went up against both Mutos it seemed like they bested him.. then out of nowhere bluefire breath! how awesome is that? If only the whole movie had scenes like that instead of such a slow tease it would have been perfect!

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By arreef

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