Dark days

I’m sure most of you are aware of the recent killings of African American men and now police officers. I’ve been reading a lot of people thoughts on the police shootings. It’s been a bunch of mixed emotions. Some people are mad or enraged while others are happy or ok with it. It’s a tricky situation. Killing an innocent person is never the right thing to do no matter what race. On the other hand I do feel that some sort of action needs to be taken to show that the decision made on Eric garner, mike or trayvon were injustice. The shooting of the cops wasn’t the type of actions that should have been taken though. Then I feel sad because people want change but take no steps towards a change all they are comfortable with is complaining. Complaining gets us no where. Then there are those people who think that this isn’t there problem. That’s what amazes me the most. If you live in New York, the United States or even this earth it is your problem. It will affect you some how . Whether directly or indirectly. So people should think about that .

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