CT 137 final


I never knew that the Aurdino enough was powerful enough to put out a TV signal, but I was looking for a project that had some interest to me, I like video games and the was an inexpensive way to say I made a video game console.  For this project I choose the first commercial hit Atari’s “Pong”.

The original creator which inspired me to do this project was James Bruce, in this post he briefly shows how to create a TV out signal that can connect the Aurdino Uno R3 to a televisions video input the link to this site is, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-recreate-the-classic-pong-game-using-arduino/

This project is two player, and is intended for anyone to use, children to adults alike. At the student art show, the main people to use this project was everyone. It seemed that the professors were more excited about the project than the students,( I think it was due to the  fact it was a vintage video game that an older audience would appreciate) which was a pleasant surprise. Based on what i saw, as far as adjustments to be made I could have probably made individual game controllers instead of trying to house everything on the platform I had used it would have been better to separate the two players, to give more space .

Overall the project at the  show almost worked as it intended I had difficulty with the restart button I had made, also, I had difficulties with the controllers, according to Dan, it seemed that there was a connection, a problem witch resulted in player 1 slightly controlling player to 2.  The game was still playable at the time(you just did not want to be player 2).

The materials that was used made perfect sense I wanted to make 3D printed gears to be the top of the controllers. Dan found two ready made and they worked perfectly, and the housing for the project was an old mother board from either a laptop or a printer we eventually fixed this to a table for stability issues. I wanted these parts in order to give vintage look to the project, the end project became a bridge between software and hardware, and I believe I was able to portray that in the end.

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Part of the assignment was to make this project, unique this was done literally when I put my name in the title. I found the appropriate area in the code and took out the “Aurdino” part. I replaced this with “DJST” which is a tag name I have. Another way I made the project different was to change the frame rate for the ball. This was done changing the ball movement from every three frames to one every frame. This was the change I needed to make the game slightly more difficult, and keep the user’s interest. The cod itself involved the a TVout library and the code itself, which was written in C# language.

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