Comics to Video Games

There have been many iterations of comic book superheros that are turned into video games. The plethora of spiderman games out there, xmen, superman, you name it.. but it has always been a joke because the quality of the games were subpar and the only reason companies made the game was because the movie of said superhero was about to hit the theaters so they saw this as another means as a cash grab while the hype was strong. This all changed when the Batman games Arkham series was released by RockSteady studios, it was the best comicbook video games of all time! And it set foot the foundations of how to make a proper and brilliant quality video game. The story was amazing, the graphics were smooth, and the gameplay so enjoyable many people played it over and over again because it put a fine line between you ans the masked crusader. I hope the game studious take lesson from this and realize quality comes first before anything els.
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