C4 2014-12-22 08:44:10

So, I figured since I have always been choosing projects in the  categories of things I  like, I figure y stop there. Came up with these three projects because they all are associated with things that I like to do.


The MIDI glove was the first one I considered I, I felt like this was right up my alley , considering that I am into music. I strongly believe this can be done in 3 to 4 weeks. Most of the components should be in  already present, and as far as the software this can be used on garage band, and other software. So I do not believe that should be an issue.


As far as communication this should  be obvious, it’s a glove so the user can put on the glove, and test out their beat making skills. I would reshape this by changing the software, and maybe adding LED lights that trigger when patterns are played.


2. The next potential project is a more conventional type of MIDI controller.


This is a step up from the first project, can be used to control a music based  software . It seems to be more difficult than the first project because it uses a Aurdino Proto  as well as other components that I are not in the starter kits.

To re-contextualize this project, I will use 3D parts as the case, I can use a small LED screen to maybe show, BPM or track info.  I also can use lights as a visual que, or add things to substitute faders, etc. This can be done in 3 to 4 weeks with a lot of money and a lot more effort.


3. The 3rd project is of the same nature, it is another MIDI controller and instead of the first two, this a more standard controller. This project will probably be easier than the 2nd project although might be costly due to the arcade buttons. I plan to make a smaller more portable version if this , and maybe include LED’S, an off switch and an LCD screen to add more features.   Unknown-7 Unknown-4 Unknown-6 Unknown-5

This seems to be easier to do in 3 to 4 weeks than project 2 which a lot more steps, also I can implement the head phone jack from project 2. This is probably the project I favor the most of all, based on it’s potential, and design.

BONUS. this one is for argument’s sake, So I like video games,  and I saw this pong project it does not seem realistic within the time frame. I don’t own an ATARI or have the slightest clew on how this would work without one but it seemed cool enough to be included. It’s basically pong on an Aurdino. I don’t know how I can change this apart from switching the controller, and using a different simulator. Unknown-8Unknown-9 Unknown-10 Unknown-11



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