Black Vs Cops

The slaughtering of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn brought even more fuel to the huge debate of police officers going after African Americans and minorities. Micheal Brown and Eric Garner were just two casualties by police officers whos death sent the African American community in anger over the police force blatant disrespect and bigotry. So much so that now the extremest on the other side are retailing by killing cops as well. this anger will just only fuel more anger, how can we peacefully resolve such a dynamic and pragmatic problem of race and authority? Especially one in a very versatile community? It really makes you wonder.


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One thought on “Black Vs Cops”

  1. Well people needs to understand “Eye for Eye will leave the whole world blind!!!” We live in the country that the law and the police are so much better than any other nation. Yeah innocent people dead but killing is and the solution!!!

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