Avengers 2

here are my thoughts on the Avengers 2 trailer and the movie in general. The trailer itself was amazing, it teased a new villain Ultron who has an interesting back story, he was created by a scientist but after creation he killed his master, because he deemed humans to be weak and pathetic and robots fare more superior, then he beings his quest against the avengers. You can also see the Disney influence in the trailer as Pinocchio song is played in the backdrop and at the end Ultron says the beautiful line “Now im free, there are no strings on me” which is directly from the Pinocchio movie itself. Talk about ruining childhoods. In the trailer if we examine it carefully it seems Tony Stark is the person who made Ultron and now because of him the avengers are in dismay and at each others throats. I think the biggest symbolism of all was the broken Captain America Shield. After seeing that I knew things were gonna get pretty hectic!

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