I absolutely love all Holiday’s which makes it almost impossible for me to just one to claim as my favorite! I have a top three for my favorite Holidays! Christmas (of course), New Years and Valentine’s Day! These are my favorite holidays! Christmas is one of my favorites because when I think of christmas I think of the white crisp snow that tends to fall in the winter, how crunches as you walk on it, all the delicious chocolates I eat, the smell of piping hot cocoa with marsh mellow’s, that I love to over indulge in and the way everyone gets together to share presents and things they got for others out of love or care for them. That always makes me feel like it’s worth all the chaos of finding people presents that you think they’ll like or even love!

Then there’s Valentine’s Day! The national day of love( so they say lol). This Holiday always reminds me of sweet pastries and freshly opened candy and I love this holiday because even though I’m not the sappy romantic type, I find a lot of beauty in they way people bare there hearts on this day, with their I love you’s, exchanges of sweets and kisses. It’s also a day decorated in red (my favorite color) which I think is because when you think of love, you think mostly about people being passionate about another person who keeps the blood pumping through their hearts, speeds up their pulse and makes them feel complete from the inside out! Which is the way I’ve always seen it! You can practically smell amour in the air! lol

Last but not least! NEW YEAR’S! I love New Year’s so much! This Holiday always seems to be filled with the smells of champagne, grapes and chips, while music blasts in the background to fill the time and space between the present and the future! It’s so exciting! I adore it because you see people everywhere running around getting ready to party in their fancy, bright and sometimes scandalous clothes, with friends, family and even neighbors! It’s also the day in which you think about all the things you want to stop, change, improve, try and explore! It’s a new beginning that’s cleansing you of the old days and is trying to lead you down a new, brightly lit path with different exciting things waiting for you to try them out and enjoy them! Which is why I think people are always saying things like “New Year! New Me!” or “I’m going to turn over a new leaf!” “and my favorite “This’ll be the Year I do it!”. It’s a way for people to open themselves up to new and different experiences and to maybe even look at the world with fresh eyes!
Who could possibly pick between all of these lovely, vibrant and beautiful Holiday’s!

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