12.13.14 Are Not Just Numers

On 12-13-2014 thousands of protestors marched on 5th avenue to all attention to the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police and urge lawmakers to take action. It was promoted on social media a lot.

It moved me to see such unity in NY, especially since our generation gets such a bad wrap and people say New Yorkers are mean and don’t care.

I didn’t get to take part in the big march but celebrities promoted it like no other. It seems like every time these celebs are involved they are able to get people engaged, just like the time Obama first ran for president.

The best thing I saw was the giant sign of eyes.. to me it symbolized that “The streets are watching.” here is the photo and a gif :





- black panthers

– black panthers

By Sincerely_Mel

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