Professor Michael Branson Smith Beautiful advice on blogging (Reflection 12)

I just read the article in which Professor Micheal very generously gives us CT students a bit of advice in running our blogs.

Advice from my students on nurturing work

There were so many wonderful and helpful tips, for instance we should always try to archive our work to making a light habbit blogging. The most helpful tip in my opinion was that instead of consuming content we should ask how it was made technically and try our bests to emulate what we see. Also I love the idea of CT club and us coming togehter as a community and helping each other out. We should try to hold on to our blogs as long as possible and add more content whenever we have free time. But I think it is also super important to be orginized. All in all if we follow these amazing tips it will make our work much more easier and have more eloquence!


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