New Semester Time Management

When it comes to a new semester, whether it’d be your first, last, or somewhere in between, preparation is always the key. Although everyone has their own regimen for getting ready I have prepared a quick guide broken into three basic sections: Responsibility, Time Management, and Supplies.

Whenever you are investing time and money into something time management is always a big thing. When it comes to school the number one priority is always your schedule, so I will address that first and organization second.

Making a schedule: Seems like a pretty easy thing to do right, pick a few classes and you’re done? Wrong, your schedule may actually be the most important and the only thing you actually have some control over when it comes to school. You want to make sure that you not only pick the right courses but the right professors. Using a site called “Rate My Professor” can actually help you weed out some of the “not-so-great” professors and get a better view of the good ones. However as this tool is very usefully don’t look at it as the only way to pick a class, things such as class times are very important. A great professor means nothing if the class’s time slot isn’t to your liking.

Also get to learn your school and CUNYFirst, a lot of the classes are normally put up on the site way ahead of the designated registration time. This gives you a head start on planning and organizing your schedule with possible classes, professors, and time slots.

Organization is the key. College years are a very stressful and busy time. With all the homework, projects, and activities going on it may seem impossible to keep track of each task. One of the best ways to keep yourself organized is to buy an agenda book/calendar. This helps to not only keep academic assignments organized but also special events and other important dates.    

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