New Semester Supplies

When it comes to a new semester, whether it’d be your first, last, or somewhere in between, preparation is always the key. Although everyone has their own regimen for getting ready I have prepared a quick guide broken into three basic sections: Responsibility, Time Management, and Supplies.


Back in high school it didn’t really seem like we had to really go school supply shopping, things such as metro cards and textbooks were giving to us. Here’s a list of tips on how to go school shopping like a college student:

Notebook: Keep it simple get a multi-subject notebook. This keeps everything together and eliminates carrying a bunch of books or forgetting one at home.

Pens: Splurge for the 24 pack of pens. As college students we are prone to losing pens, plus left over pens can be used for the next semester(s) to come.

Textbooks: Wait for the first day of class to be sure of which text book to get as well as whether or not you will actually be using the textbook(s). If you can, avoid buying the text book altogether, see if the book is on reserve at your school’s library. Even renting the book can be more appealing than buying it. However, if you must buy the book then try websites such as chegg and amazon, they give you lower price textbook options. If the book is only in the bookstore then do your best to keep it in good shape and maybe you can sell it after the semester is over.

Metro Cards: Now although some college students drive most CUNY students tend to use public transportation (MTA buses and trains). Depending on your schedule you can either buy a “pay per ride”, a weekly, or month metro card. Check out the MTA website to learn which metro card is right for you.

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