New Semester Responsibility

When it comes to a new semester, whether it’d be your first, last, or somewhere in between, preparation is always the key. Although everyone has their own regimen for getting ready I have prepared a quick guide broken into three basic sections: Responsibility, Time Management, and Supplies.

Going to college is a big responsibility in itself, but once you get accepted the buck doesn’t stop there. Before you start your new semester here’s a few things to add to your “To Do” list:

Make sure all your paper work is up to date. Seems like a no brainer, however certain things such as expired medical documents can put a stop on your registration and even put you at risk of dropped from a class.

Check with the financial aid office. One big mistake people make is they apply for fafsa but never check in with the financial aid office. This helps you to be assured that you have enough aid to cover your classes. Also for those not receiving financial aid a quick stop to the bursar office will make you to be aware of the due date for your tuition bill.

Check your major requirements. This is a step that I can’t seem to stress enough. You should always check the list of classes that your major requires; this will help to keep you on track for graduation. If you feel more comfortable working with an advisor, go to the academic advisement office and make an appointment. Make copies of your major requirements, check off the classes you have already taken and passed and make note of the classes you still need.

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