My thoughts on Gotham (tv series)

Gotham is a new addition from DC comics to the television landscape. A freshman show it follows Detective Gotham instead of Batman through the street ways of Gotham fighting crime and famous Batman enemies such as Penguin and Falcone. This is a very interesting twist because in the show Bruce Wayne is sidelined because his just a teen boy in the show and most of villains Gordan faces are adult versions but at the end its all just a tease. Because what really draws us in to the Batman universe is the famous Batman cowl but we will never see Bruce Wayne wear the suit instead we will see the precursor to him becoming batman. This may float some peoples boat but not mines. The only reason I come back to the show is because of Penguin. He is single handedly carrying the show with his masterful acting and presentation and is one of the most amazing antagonist out there. Also they have the Riddler!


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