America the home of the free??? (not free)

Utterly Disrespectful
Utterly Disrespectful

I think it’s extremely insensitive that the cops are mocking the last words from Mr. Eric Garner before he was killed by the police. Racist people still exist. The scary part is racism is very heavy with the police. Racial profiling is Real. They treat black women as whores, and black men as always being a criminal. There are over 10,000 videos of police hurting unarmed black people. Police punching, pepper spraying people when there already handcuffed. Enough is enough. We as a people are always stereotyped.  So now all cops are being stereotyped as the enemy. A change for the good is possible, when they get RACIST people like Pat Lynch out of here. Pat Lynch is the president of the PBA. You can’t have racist people in charge.




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